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The roots of the High School of Dundee can be traced back to 1239 and so the history of the School is intimately bound up with and reflects the history of the city of Dundee and the wider Tayside area.

A wealth of records, documents and memorabilia associated with the school exists, much of which is housed in the City Archives, from the time before the High School became fully independent in the 1970s. At that time the Board meetings were held in the City Chambers, and the Board Chairman was the Lord Provost! However, we also have a large number of items, old and more recent, in school.

As well as providing a fascinating glimpse into the School’s past, these artefacts form a historical resource that will be of significant interest to the wider community.

To ensure that current and future generations can easily access and connect with our past, we are building a digital archive of the School’s historical memorabilia. This is an ongoing project which will continue to grow as we save more archive material online. We hope that this growing archive will be of educational interest, shedding light on the school’s past, its pupils and staff, and its various responses to local and national events. However, we also want it to be something that people enjoy looking through for the sake of it!

On a final note, an archive is only as good as the material it contains and, at the school, we are always looking for memorabilia, documents or photos – including old uniforms, badges, trophies or badges. If you have such things and are willing to give them to a good home we would be delighted to receive them. They will be given a good home!

Enjoy browsing!

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